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Why use Hernández Mora solicitors?

It is interesting that there isn’t a single answer to that simple question, but many.

English-speaking, experienced, multi-skilled, flexible and friendly!

For many people buying and selling, trust can only be developed with a full and mutual

understanding of every issue.

With the bilingual staff at Hernandez Mora, everything is explained in your own language, so nothing is missed.

Even clients with some experience of speaking Spanish appreciate the extra help with translating important documents.

Bilingual staff are also essential in getting your message across to third parties in the process.

For example, if you required s

pecific maintenance tasks to be completed, bilingual staff will be able to get your message across - and to the right people.

Our staff have, in total, decades of experience in all aspects of Spanish law on Costa Blanca & Costa Calida.

Juan, in particular, has spent his entire working life in the industry and has witnessed many changes in areas of law. This gives him, and his colleagues, a thorough

working knowledge based on experience and the reasons for changes to certain aspects.

Across the team, Hernandez Mora Abogados can help with conveyancing, litigation, immigration, banking law, inheritance taxes, company incorporation, insolvency and road traffic accidents.

Our experience means we are ready for almost any eventuality and can quickly adapt to challenges.

The team are multi-disciplined in a number of legal areas, meaning that you deal with only one person, typically. Again, this adds to the trust and professionalism that Hernandez Mora strives for.

Many of our testimonials mention how much extra effort is put in by our team to reach a final resolution for clients.

Above all, we are friendly and approachable. We have a great team ethic and support each other in the same way that we support each and every one of our clients.

Here are some of the key words and expressions found in testimonials received from our hundreds of clients over the years.

“Juan Antonio is a great professional.”

“Great resolution capacity."

"Matters resolved quickly and satisfactorily"

“Tranquility in all aspects.”

“Juan is an excellent lawyer and person.”

“Dedication and professionalism.”

“Highly recommended.”

“Excellent treatment.”

“Super professionals.”

“Juan made untranslatable legal language clear.”


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